Mary Pifer

Mary's Bio Photo 2007_IMG (Copy)         Mary is a British Columbia painter, born and raised in the Vancouver area.  At a very young age she learned to express beauty through her art and continued to paint while raising her children. Her training includes many years of working with well known painters including Loren D. Adams Jr., internationally known seascape painter.  The local galleries that have displayed Mary’s work through the years attest to her competence in the handling of oils, acrylics and watercolors.

Mary’s skill in capturing that certain mood of the ocean is evident in every colorful seascape she paints.  She has developed a unique realist style of painting, taking the viewer into the realm of imaginations. Her work expresses itself most successfully in the natural feeling of the subjects she knows best from local scenery and flowers to the many moods of the Pacific Ocean.  From a distant viewpoint to actually being and seeing under the waves, Mary only paints what she knows.  Snorkeling and enjoying the outdoors are part of Mary’s excursions to Maui, the West Coast and their cottage on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.  She now resides full time in Sechelt, on the Sunshine Coast.

The demand for Mary’s paintings is constantly increasing due to the many favorable comments from viewers and owners of her work.  In 1980 she joined four fellow artists to form Creekhouse Gallery on Granville Island in Vancouver, one of the first art studio–galleries on the Island.  In 1996 when Mary retired from the Creekhouse Gallery, she received the Business and Arts Award for outstanding contribution to the arts in Vancouver.  The Vancouver Board of Trade presented the award.

Owl - Cropped (Copy)

P1020584 (Copy) (Copy)

P1020854 (Copy)

P1020786 (Copy)

P1020766 (Copy) (Copy)

P1020764 (Copy)

P1020782 (Copy)

Index - Reef Fish - 2010 (Copy)

IMG_1210 [Desktop Resolution]

121-2200 - crop & colour [Desktop Resolution]

120-2022_IMG [Desktop Resolution]


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